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In 2022, we are initiating a new research project and exhibition project in New York.

We will create a map of initiatives and promote art networks that question, explore and create new paradigms in contemporary and public art. Our goal is to demonstrate how networks are interdependent and how as actors of the arts we inhabit our time and nourish our work with the responsibilities that are born specifically from our presence within communities, from our universal need of belonging and sharing.

We want to especially highlight initiatives responding to socio-political change and activism, community-based and public art projects, demonstrate how the hierarchy in the art community is shifting, and create accessibility for artistic minorities.

Openings are on Wednesday, Feb 9th (GR) and Thursday February 17th (FR).


The objectives of Occupy Art Project and of this research group are:

  • to structure or to highlight dialogue within the art community and networks 

  • To maintain movement in creativity while identifying activist and social initiatives and break isolation for artists who face adversity

  • to create open dialogue over public policies,

  • To experiment new paradigms and work models that promote and empower cooperation in the arts rather than a patriarchal model in culture 

  • explore public art as a method, its different forms, how we can occupy public and administrative space,

  • respond to social issues highlighted by the pandemic

  • explore new work models which change the paradigms of structure in the arts

  • how communities can be the actors of cultural development,

  • what is artistic citizenship












OCCUPY #2, was a research team that created an online platform and highlighted cooperative and artistic networks. Associated artists and curators opened discussions about:

  • Political art and art in politics

  • How to collaborate in networks

  • How an artist becomes citizen

  • Art and accessibility

  • Women’s visual and material voice making in the public sphere

  • On collective authorship, institutions and care

  • The artist, between shaman and workforce

  • Vulnerability and resistance in the public space


OCCUPY #1, started in New York, as a cooperative residency, a form of research team, an experiment within the Greek Consulate General building in New York, with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, echoing the occupations of schools and other public spaces in Greece and elsewhere.

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Avec le soutien de l'Institut français 


                                                                                              Credit photo: Odysseas Parisot

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ARCAthens : Major Partner